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Just visit our best cafe in the town which provides sumptuous and tasty cold coffee, beverages, smoothies, and other Chocolaty items. Creamy Nuts is an excellent place owned by Mangesh B. Birajdar in Pune, India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unveil more than 300 branches before 2020 in India. We expand our business with the help of Franchise chain and this is a great opportunity for the aspiring businessmen to gain experience and grow with us exponentially. Our ultimate motto is to provide traditional cold coffee and Cafe Products all over India and satisfy the unexperienced cravings.

Our Mission

We are continuously striving to provide a pleasant environment which offers the highest quality products and services. Our cafe is quite enthralling for our customers because of the interior and exterior decoration, the way we present ourself, the kind of quality and service we provide. The way we present ourself will actually surpass the expectations of our customers. We promise to give our customers a relaxed and cool environment which will actually bring more customers to us.

We actually mean when we say Thank you, Visit us Again!

The trustworthy cold coffee brand

Our chefs are well trained, experienced, and skillful in providing good quality food to our customers. Thus we proudly claim that we are the number one brands in the cold coffee market. You will get to taste a variety of dishes like Coffee beverages, cold coffee, chocolate, sandwich, and other snack items. This is an ideal place for couples to enjoy their date, families can spend quality among them with youngsters, friends can enjoy their birthday parties, apart from that we also provide a place for official meetings where you can read, or write, work on laptops etc.

How did the owner come up with this idea?

Mr. Mangesh B. Birajdar has proved himself as an intelligent and a social welfare person. His idea behind starting this business is to create a business which will help everybody. That is how he coined the idea of Creamy Nuts and manifested it in reality. Today Creamy Nuts India is one of the best and the most preferred brands in India. We actually believe in teamwork and always encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to join hands with us and start an outlet. Over a period I have learned from my mistakes and experience of how to become successful and that is how we are standing tall and erect today.

Excellent Opportunity for Investors

If you are looking for an investment with lucrative turnovers then collaborate with us as we are exceptional in providing the best service which has earned a good reputation and revenue to us. We have a unique strategy in a local marketing plan that will help the aspiring businessmen to learn and grow exponentially. Our infrastructure is attractive and provides comfort to our customers. That is why they love this place and keep visiting us again and again. Do not worry if you are not having the experience we will actually support and give adequate training to run the business in a proper way. Our well-trained professionals will actually explain to you all the loopholes and how to handle them carefully.

Social Environment

We have an ideal office lounge and our menu has lots of coffee drinks, related coffee beverages, cold coffee, chocolate, and other snacks. We are a pioneer in providing tasty, thick cold coffee shakes. Our chefs have put their maximum efforts to satisfy the taste buds of all the customers.

“Visit Once and you will never forget to remember us again.”