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There are lots of fast food cafe present in Pune and all of them provide their best service to attract the customers, it can be in the form of wonderful ambiance, tasty dishes, timely services, affordable rates, excellent quality food etc. One of the best fast food and mouth-watering brands in Pune which actually attracts lots of customers is Creamy Nuts. The owner Mangesh B. Birajdar is quite ambitious in providing a pleasant environment to the couples, friends, and family. Our chefs are excellently qualified and experienced in providing tastier cold coffee and other beverages.

Creamy Nuts is getting quite popular among the youths because we actually satisfy the taste buds and provide new arrivals, and tasty food for the younger generations who actually make a frequent visit because of birthday party functions, and other get together celebrations.

What makes us different from others?

We have a unique approach in serving our hot and cold beverages, especially our recently prepared cold coffee brand. This actually attracts lots of customers and most of the time our customers wait for their seats during peak hours.

We provide an excellent environment to have a sip of the beverages and have fun with your companions. Enjoy a grand and a luxury feast from us.

Our High lights

  • If you make a visit to us you will actually have a pleasant experience in nurturing your taste buds and guess what you will get addicted to our products.
  • We do not provide food with any artificial flavors or ingredients
  • We have more than 20 shops in India.
  • Encouraging more than 100 franchise opportunities for the investors
  • We stand apart in providing the best service to our customers therefore over a period of time we have earned and emerged as no 1 brand among the youths.

How did we make it happen?

Mr. Manges B. Birajdar has made his dream come to true by innovating new mouth-watering tasty brands to serve his customers. He has also made collaboration with various business enthusiasts so as to expand his business and opening more than 100 franchise, and had given proper training about the brands and the customer requirements. Sweet drinks, beverages, and ice creams are mostly preferred during any party among the youngsters. Therefore, our team has toiled a lot and has put in maximum efforts to introduce new, tasty and every lasting brand which will inscribe the memories of our customers and make them visit us frequently.

The biggest opportunity for the new businessmen who are aspiring to start a new parlor or set up a cafe can get benefited by getting acquainted with us. We will grow together as a team and our brands will get more in demand as it is already! Feel free to contact us and learn our intact strategy to attract the mob and grow together.

Our Target:

We would actually love to provide more and better services to our customers by the end of 2020 by opening more than 500 shops in Maharashtra. We are grateful to our customers for their love and their choice to stay connected with us. We promise to give you a wonderful feast in the near future.