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No 1. Cold Coffee- “ No one can have it just once”.

Creamy Nuts is one of the most adorable cafes among youngsters and adults. Mangesh B. Birajdar is the owner of this heavenly place. His ultimate dream or vision is to provide the best service to the customers. It is one of the reputed Cold Coffee Brands in Pune. People can enjoy their cold coffee and enjoy their time talking, reading, writing, viewing videos, dating etc. Our Customers are important for us.

We constantly try something new to please our customers. Our Cold Coffee brand is quite famous all over Pune. It was initiated in Pune and there are 20 shops opened until now and aims to open more than 300 shops all over Maharashtra before 2020. Our brand is continuously ready to serve, grow, learn, and revolutionize on a global level.

Apart from cold coffee we also provide shakes, smoothies, ice creams, brownie which is of excellent quality. Our latest trendy cold coffee is a revolution in this 21st century. Its contemporary style attracts the youth generation. If the customers visit our place then they will actually remember this pleasant experience in their memories. Our cold coffee brigade is getting popular because of customer support and love.

Customers feel happy because of the memories inscribed in them. Our Cold Coffee delight is quite a mouth watery and will satisfy the taste buds. We charge you reasonably. We are energetic, young, and ready to provide good quality service to our customers. We are one of the best parlors in India to provide the number one cold coffee brand in India.

Invest less and get higher profits

We are continuously growing with the help of a Franchise Investment. This is beneficial for us and the franchise owners. If you are actually an aspiring businessman then you can collaborate with us. We will train you on how to provide the best service and how to prepare the latest cold coffee brand. Thus Together we can achieve our dream of opening more than 500 stores all over Maharashtra.

Our Highlights

  • This place is quite amazing which provides mouth-watering dishes and bakery items. Consume our creamy and nuts mixed beverages to elevate your mood.
  • Our coffee bean is of excellent quality and is chosen by our certified roasters. It is imported from reputed Indian estates which boost the taste of cold coffee thereby making it number one brand in Pune.
  • The aroma of the cold coffee is quite attractive.
  • Excellent environment to enjoy a get together with your friends and family.
  • More than 20 shops in the city.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction by enjoying a sumptuous feast.

Our future Targets

We continuously strive to provide the best service with lots of innovative trendy brands in ice cream, juices, dishes, milkshakes, cake etc. We are under business expansion and therefore are welcoming new and aspiring business enthusiasts to collaborate with us. You just need to invest less and earn a lot. To know more about Franchise Inquiry, visit our website and click on the contact us page to get connected to us.